Internet Remote HF/VHF Base Station
  IRB NP2KW is an open access, Internet Remote Control, HF/VHF Amateur Radio Station accessible by any internet or Wi-Fi capable device from anywhere in the World. Using a combination of freeware, this station promises to put you "on the air from anywhere".

  The icons on the left are links to setting up and using this remote station properly. Read them carefully in the order placed before attempting to use the remote. The station is available 24/7 to short-wave enthusiasts worldwide free of charge for RX only purposes, and to all licensed hams worldwide who hold a USA Amateur Radio License, or who's country holds a reciprocal or bi-lateral operating agreement with the U.S.A., for Control Operator Status.

  A special thanks to the developers of the various software used: K1RFD (Echolink), N8AD and VE1BWV (Mixbase ARTiE), and OH2FH (EZ-Pad). Visit
for more information on their software and remote stations. Also to Ken - VE3MAZ (Beta Tester),.. for his time and patience in testing and programming,..and David - EB7DX, for designing and donating the QSL's and  services as QSL Manager.

     Read what others have said about the NP2KW Remote in the links on the right. The station is also featured in the "ARRL 2010 Remote Operating for the Radio Operator"  publication by Steve Ford - WB8IMY.

         73 de Manny - NP2KW  "The only thing better than BEING the DX!!"

   Expanding Amateur Radio via 21st Century Technology
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