In this page you will find all the necessary software to operate the NP2KW Remote HF Station. There are several levels of operating, please read EVERYTHING carefully before downloading and installing any of the software.
 Sysytem & Operator Requirements 
Step 1.....ECHOLINK
In order to use the remote, you should already have a working version of Echolink, by K1RFD, installed in your PC. If not, it here and then insure you have it set as shown on the setup link. If you are having problems connecting, visit the help menu on echolink for instructions.
Echolink Download
Step 2.....Mixbase EZ-PAD by OH2FH 
Created by Knutte - OH2FH, it is a basic controller for controlling the vfo and modes of this and the other remote stations on their website. It can be used by receive only stations as well as control operators.
EZ-Pad Download
*** Make sure your echolink passes it's firewall / router test at the bottom of it's tools menu. Do not proceed to step 2 if failed. See the help file in Echolink for further instructions on configuring your router.***
Minimum Pentium 2 processor and 500meg RAM.
512kb Hi speed DSL and higher.
Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP/W7.
Vista users go to the link on the right. And a PC Headset.