Callsign:  NP2KW

Owner/Trustee:  Manny Arroyo - NP2KW

             Location:  St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

       Transceiver:  ICOM IC-746PRO

         Power Out:  100 watts (unsupervised), 1KW with (my) supervision
             Amplifier: Ameritron AL-80B 1KW

           Coverage:  All Amateur bands 1.8 - 54Mhz & 144 - 148Mhz All Mode

           Computer:  IBM Lenovo 8" Ideapad upgraded to 2.5GB RAM / 500GB HD 

           Processor:  Intel ATOM Z550 2.0Ghz

          Oper. Sys.:  Windows XP Home 

          Interfaces:  Rigblater Plus & Rigtalk CAT/CIV for Icom , ICOM ACC1 cable, all by West Mountain Radio

                 Tower:  60ft. Hy-Gain Crank-up / Tilt-over plus additional 15ft mast

                   Rotor:  Yaesu G-800DXA w/ internal USB remote control board


                        - Homebrew 204ft. G5RV modified with a Centaur 1:1 Balun @ 70ft. for 12/17/30/40/75/80 and 160m.
                        - Homebrew 7 Ele. Yagi @ 75ft. for 6 Meters.

                        - 3 Ele. Mosely TA-33 Classic Tri-Bander @ 65ft. for 10/15/20m